Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Video of the Week #4

Hello everyone!

As you probably know, few weeks ago we started a new cycle called Video of the Week on our Facebook page. Every Sunday we pick one video from youtube or sent by our users to us. This week we found a video that make our crew laugh a bit :) All credits go to Wouter and his video catching bug in Battlefield 3. Here's what he said about that bug "I was minding my own business, when suddenly my left wheel hit the ocean and I started bouncing! It was like the ocean was playing badminton, and I was the shuttle :D I managed to capture the final moments :)"
Under the video we present you what Wouter told us about his experience with Action!

First of all: I'm a big fan of your products, as I have bought every single one of them :)
One of the main reasons I use Action to record video's is that it hardly has any impact on my computer. With other recording tools the framerate is slown down noticeably even with a nice intel sandy bridge 2600k cpu. 
I usually record with 30fps in Action because the files remain a descent size that way. I do have a 2TB drive, but this way I can record a lot :)The resolution I record is 1920x1200, the full resolution of my monitor. To send the movie to youtube I used the build in youtube (HD) tool in Action. I selected the high quality setting and used the highest mbit/s (7 I believe).
At the moment I might have a sandy bridge and 16GB of ram, but my videocard is still an nVidia gtx260. I'm looking for an upgrade, perhaps the new GTX680. It's just that I'd rather have the GK110 chip instead of the GK104 in this card. 
Because I still have a gtx260 I have Battlefield 3 running on low settings. I manage to reach 60fps easily, and I like to keep it that way: I rather have a high fps than fancy graphics with low fps. 
Thanks for choosing my video!Wouter

Remember everyone have a chance to join the cycle and be highlighted! Just send us your Action! videos or share your links on our facebook wall! Don't forget to correctly tag your recordings on Youtube or other video sites! It will help us with finding all your recordings. Because apart from the fact that you send your videos to us, we are looking for you online all the time!

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