Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gears of War 4: multiplayer mode - the latest gameplay

In the latest trailer you can see the classic deathmatch. The eye-catcher is primarily a multitude of movements and all kinds of stunts that we can do. Additionally, hiding behind obstacles functions without charges.

Take a look at the latest clip and judge it yourself, what do you think about this.
Is, in your opinion, the multiplayer mode worth streaming or recording?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Overwatch: the top player was cheating during streaming.

The case concerns a Korean player who was among the top 200 players in the rankings. He was because he earned himself a lifetime ban on his account.

What has he done? Well, he was the owner of the popular in his region channel  on Twitch. During his stream he gathered a group of fans to admire his skill. Streamer decided to impress them even more, so he slightly tweaked his skills with Aimbot.

Sometimes it happens that cheats allows only a slight correction and is not so treacherous. Thanks to this setting scammer can no longer evade justice because the offense is not conspicuous. Here, being a suspect is not a subject to discussion. In the gameplay you do not even see the exact movements of the mouse. He just automatically jumps from opponent to opponent.

He provided evidence of his guilt, for which he was immediately punished.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Will we get Tekken 7 on PC computers?

Producer of Tekken, when asked about cross-platform gameplay in the latest part of the game, said that everything depends on the decision of Sony. Let us hope that the Japanese company will not reject this idea. The combination of the three major platforms would mean much greater interest in the game and very high traffic on the servers.

Would you like to play and record gameplays of the newest Tekken 7 on your PC?

Monday, August 8, 2016

End of 1st Season in Overwatch

Ranking Mode - or how Blizzard calls it: Competitive Play - was not available in Overwatch from the beginning. To fine-tune this rivalry within the rankings Blizzard has removed this option just before the release of its best-selling product. Competitive Play debut at the end of June (nearly a month after the appearance of Overwatch on store shelves). Despite the extra time to fix it, not all played as it should.

Now, however, with the scheduled for August 18 (to be more precise at 2 am) end of the first season, Blizzard will have another chance to make major changes. To start the second season - initially scheduled for September 6 - Competitive Play will be locked.

Some extra information: 
Each player who played the first ten meetings and was assigned to the appropriate rank, will receive a special icon. However, if any of you have succeeded for a moment to catch the Top 500 best players, then you can count on additional animated graffiti and another icon.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Battlefield 1: check out the upcoming arsenal!

Well, we have to admit that it is not quite how we imagined the reality of the First World War. But, ask yourself a question - does the games faithfully imitating the reality of the conflicts have any chances of commercial success? In this case, the subject is so innovative that the enormity of special effects will not even bother you.


Today released trailer is showing the weapons that will appear in BF1.  You can see rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols,  anti-tank rifles, grenades, machine guns. We will definitely !not get bored Meanwhile, waiting for the presentation of available vehicles.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Is the Dice a hint on Diablo 4?

Is it possible that Blizzard hid a hint on Diablo 4 in a box with a gifts on BlizzCon 2016? It is very likely. Meanwhile, one of the known YouTuber and streamers Kripparian, released the video online in which we can see these gifts:

As you probably know, buying such a box is possible, after purchasing a virtual ticket to BlizzCon, or participation in the event - which involves undoubtedly huge costs.

Therefore we explain what's going on in the plot of Diablo 4. Now, in a box with gifts is a bag of dices, like in D&D - D20, D8, D6, D4. Does D4 not associate with Diablo 4? Yes, of course it does! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Overwatch hero - Ana Amari

Representatives of Blizzard presented a new character, which is already available in the MMO shooter Overwatch - Ana Amari..

The woman is a sniper support, able not only to hurt her enemies, but also to heal comrades.
Additionally, it can lull opponents (interrupting ultimate attacks at the same time) and temporarily block the possibility for victims to be healed.
Hers ultimate ability is a significant short-term bonus to speed and damage dealt for an ally team member.
Blizzard also took care of the background of a new character. Ana is the mother of Pharah - one of the heroines of the original game. Furthermore, it is also one of the founders of the Overwatch. Shot by Reaper, she was considered dead.
Her full profile and her story you can find on official Overwatch page below:


Also check out the introduction video of Ana Amari, you will not be disappointed.

Do not forget to record your gameplays of Ana from Overwatch - with Mirillis Action! of course :) 

Pokemon GOt sued!

Jeffrey Marder have had quite enough of trainers who were breaking on his premises to hunt rare Pokemon. American is entering the judicial path with Niantic, Nintendo, and the Pokemon Company.

Prosecutor states that the authors of the game put PokeStops and gyms in the area of private property or in public places. Let's agree that in churches or museums it is simply not proper to hunt Charizard. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the authors have not received consent from any of the owners of such places.

The author of lawsuit complained also for Pokemon trainers who come to his house and ask if they could catch a pokemon in his yard. Some are not so cultured and do it without permission. Jefrey Marder is fed up with the situation, and the lawsuit seems to be the ultimate, but also the only possible solution to this problem. Below you can read the contents of the document: