Monday, August 8, 2016

End of 1st Season in Overwatch

Ranking Mode - or how Blizzard calls it: Competitive Play - was not available in Overwatch from the beginning. To fine-tune this rivalry within the rankings Blizzard has removed this option just before the release of its best-selling product. Competitive Play debut at the end of June (nearly a month after the appearance of Overwatch on store shelves). Despite the extra time to fix it, not all played as it should.

Now, however, with the scheduled for August 18 (to be more precise at 2 am) end of the first season, Blizzard will have another chance to make major changes. To start the second season - initially scheduled for September 6 - Competitive Play will be locked.

Some extra information: 
Each player who played the first ten meetings and was assigned to the appropriate rank, will receive a special icon. However, if any of you have succeeded for a moment to catch the Top 500 best players, then you can count on additional animated graffiti and another icon.

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