Thursday, August 11, 2016

Overwatch: the top player was cheating during streaming.

The case concerns a Korean player who was among the top 200 players in the rankings. He was because he earned himself a lifetime ban on his account.

What has he done? Well, he was the owner of the popular in his region channel  on Twitch. During his stream he gathered a group of fans to admire his skill. Streamer decided to impress them even more, so he slightly tweaked his skills with Aimbot.

Sometimes it happens that cheats allows only a slight correction and is not so treacherous. Thanks to this setting scammer can no longer evade justice because the offense is not conspicuous. Here, being a suspect is not a subject to discussion. In the gameplay you do not even see the exact movements of the mouse. He just automatically jumps from opponent to opponent.

He provided evidence of his guilt, for which he was immediately punished.



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