Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Overwatch hero - Ana Amari

Representatives of Blizzard presented a new character, which is already available in the MMO shooter Overwatch - Ana Amari..

The woman is a sniper support, able not only to hurt her enemies, but also to heal comrades.
Additionally, it can lull opponents (interrupting ultimate attacks at the same time) and temporarily block the possibility for victims to be healed.
Hers ultimate ability is a significant short-term bonus to speed and damage dealt for an ally team member.
Blizzard also took care of the background of a new character. Ana is the mother of Pharah - one of the heroines of the original game. Furthermore, it is also one of the founders of the Overwatch. Shot by Reaper, she was considered dead.
Her full profile and her story you can find on official Overwatch page below:

Also check out the introduction video of Ana Amari, you will not be disappointed.

Do not forget to record your gameplays of Ana from Overwatch - with Mirillis Action! of course :) 

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