Monday, June 11, 2012

Updates, features and more!

Hello Fans,

Only great news in this entry! In short, we reached 2000 fans on facebook, released a major update for Action! with great new features, especially useful for tutorial makers and we reorganized our Splash developers team so be patient, new updates are coming soon for our player! Below you can find more reading, enjoy.


We are after three releases since last entry. Chronologically in 1.3.3 we did some improvements that may affect people who do video tutorials with Action!, we fixed exporting where after export process audio was slowed and we added more keys available for hot keys. Here's the full update list:
  • Mouse cursor synchronization improvement for desktop recordings
  • "Slow motion" audio problem in exported MP4 files fixed (experienced for recordings with 192kHz audio)
  • More keyboard buttons are available as Hotkeys
  • Video recording improvements for low framerate recordings
  • Not starting export (showing 0% progress) problem fixed
  • Small UI improvements
Action! 1.3.4 is a bow for the 1.3.3. We found some more performance available to make your desktop recorder work smoother. We improved mouse movement so now it looks almost perfect. Here's the full list of changes in 1.3.4:
  • Mouse cursor synchronization improvements
  • Fix for numeric keyboard hotkeys
  • Small UI improvements
Action! 1.4.0 is a huge thing for us, it takes Action! to another level of making video tutorials. We added a feature that allows you to visualize your mouse clicks. Here a sneek peek that we released on Mirillis Fanpage before 1.4.0 was launched:
Since lots of people asked for this small, but practical feature, we have added a Capture Screenshot button to Active Desktop Region mode so now you can make your particular area screenshot directly from this mode. Green Camera button is waiting!

We also improved multi-display setups, so you should no longer meet any issues while using more than one monitor, but remember to always change you active desktop while recording with Action! to the one you want to record - F8 set by default.

.fic available for another applications?

Yes! We are working on our own codec that will allow you to open .fic files in every application that uses DirectShow. It will be ready soon, so be patient and stay close to our facebook page where we post information earlier than elsewhere.

Splash player

Since we received a lot of questions about Splash players and some people mention that we given up. We have great news. We reorganized our developers responsible for Splash player and they are working on next update. If you have any suggestions that you think we should include in next Splash versions let us know   at


We ended the cycle with our weekly giveaways. Last winner was Travis Elkin from Canada. We are planning new giveaways with another cool prizes (including free licenses) so stay close to our facebook page for newest info.

We often mention about our facebook page, but if you find Twitter more useful follow us or lurk our official website for more information.