Thursday, March 8, 2012

We switched to Facebook Timeline for Pages.

Hello fans.

At the end of February Facebook launched Timeline for Pages. It didn't take long to see how much potential it gives for corporate commercial brands and companies like ours. So we didn't hesitate for a long time and decided to follow the trends. Our Facebook Page is now adapted to new Facebook look, which will be mandatory for each page on march 30th. We decided to switch it in advance because of our fans. We wanted to give you opportunity to adjust to our new look earlier than March 30th. Additionally, together with the new Facebook Timeline start, we launched two dedicated tabs for our page.

First one, green icon with white play button, is the Video Tutorials tab where you can find all the tutorials made by Mirillis Team. This is still work in progress, but currently you can watch two basic tutorials for Action! First is Mirillis Action! basics - about HUD in desktop recording mode where you can learn how to setup your HUD and configure all the settings that goes on with it. On the second video Mirillis Action! basics - games, desktop and desktop region recording overview you can learn all about Action! basics such as setting up desktop region recording and learning about three different recording modes.

Second tab called Support Desk is dedicated for our users who find troubles while using our software. Clicking on blue icon will open a Facebook tab with our support form where you can describe your problem and send a ticket to our support staff who will contact you with solution to fix your problem.

We think that these two are the most important for our fans and should be highlighted as first two. The rest tabs you can view by rolling up the menu, simply click the arrow down right from the blue Support Desk tab.

So as you can see, we are changing. We h ope that these changes will receive a positive feedback from our fans, because you're are important to us. We are always open for suggestions, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Mirillis Team.

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