Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Video of the Week #3

Hello again,

Another Sunday is behind us and another Video of the Week has been chosen on our Facebook page. This time it's a gameplay from first mission perspective in Need For Speed: The Run recorded by blueburnHD with Action! software. First time in NFS series you can actually get out of the car and play as actual character so it's something different than all the previous series. We tried to contact author of this video for further information about his experience with Action! and his PC specifications. We didn't receive any response so this time w have to skip this part, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch the video. It's prime quality and shows a bit of the fun that goes along with Need For Speed: The Run. Don't forget to turn 1080p. Enjoy!

We mentioning this in every single entry, so here it is again! Everyone have a chance to join the cycle and be highlighted! Just send us your Action! videos or share your links on our facebook wall! Don't forget to correctly tag your recordings on Youtube or other video sites! It will help us with finding all your recordings. Because apart from the fact that you send your videos to us, we are looking for you online all the time!

Don't forget to follow us here also for further stories  and entries. Check also our newest tweets on @MirillisTeam and recent status updates on official fanpage.

P.S. As soon as we get any response from blueburnHD we will update this note so you can have more information about this video and his experience with Action!

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