Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long time no see.

Hello Dear Fans!

"Long time no see" - British would say. It's been almost a month since our last entry. Here's the latest update and everything you probably know if you are our fan on facebook or follow us on twitter. If you are not, go and become one fast after reading this entry :)

This entry is about few things. First and most important of all is that we launched a Japanese version of our website. You can view it here www.mirillis.jp. With this launch, our support is now also available in Japanese language but only through the website www.mirillis.jp. The usual e-mail support@mirillis.com is still only in english.

Another sundays behind us and another Video of The Week are selected for our weekly cycle. Since we couldn't reach a contact with the authors we skipped part where we quote them about their experience with Action! software.

As the fifth Video of the Week, we have selected video recorded with Action! by aknakukac96. It's a gameplay from the new Angry Birds: Space Edition. His PC specification while recording the video wasPNY 9800GT @650/950Mhz - Intel E2160 @2.8GHZ - 3GB DDR2 RAM - Asrock P5B-DE Motherboard - Logitech Cillstream gamepad. Enjoy the video.

Sixth Video of the Week really impressed us. Bartosz222 did a really good job making this clip. Here's the video he made:

Latest video, fresh from this Sunday is a bit trick. You can guess it's either real life or Crysis game. The gaming future looks really bright with such a detailed graphics and models. We are looking forward to the next generation games. All credits for this video goes to its maker Barsathebest.

As you probably know, everyone can take part in our weekly contest. All you need to do is record your video with Action! software, properly tag it so we can easily spot it and highlight it. You can also send it to us via mirillis@mirillis.com.

Don't forget to follow us here also for further stories  and entries. Check also our newest tweets on @MirillisTeam and recent status updates on official fanpage.


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