Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Razer Stargazer with RealSense technology – and the greenscreen is not needed

The new Razer’s camera – Stargazer – is now available for the price of $149.99. It was created as an advanced web camera with a range of dedicated solutions for video production and transmission. Among the distinctive qualities you can find high-speed of frames capture, dynamic system of cutting out the background for professional-looking transmission (even without a green screen grab), the function of 3D scan, so you can dive deeper in the game world and advanced face and gestures detection algorithms to support daily operations.
The camera can record in 720p @ 60fps and 1080p @ 30fps and is equipped with an automatic noise reduction sound. What the YouTubers and Twitch users will love is green-screen-without green-screenshot function possible by using RealSense technology. In other words, we can cut out the whole background using just a few mouse clicks during the live broadcast or game recording, leaving only the author.

Source: The Verge’s YouTube channel

The camera, of course, is not the cheapest one. However, if we take into account the cost of a green screen, frameworks needed for its installation (and place that it must occupy) it may be that the Stargazer will be our salvation and cost less than the other option.

When pairing it with Mirillis Action! Screen Recorder, which is supporting Intel’s RealSense technology, you will get the perfect combo of software and hardware for professional game recording, streaming, and even creating webinars.


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