Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GameSnap – never miss a gaming moment!

Have you ever had a really interesting moment in a game that you wanted quickly share with your friends? Creators of the Action! screen and game recording software  - Mirillis is now working on a new application for instant screenshots and short gameplay videos sharing. With GameSnap app taking instant snapshots and recording snaps will be easier than you think.

Fast gaming screenshots

With GameSnap you will quickly take a screenshot, send it to the cloud and edit it really easily afterwards. You will get a link for your screenshot in a blink of an eye and will be able to show your snap from the game immediately after taking it.

GameSnap primarily solves the problem of taking a screenshot at the right moment. The function of serial screenshots allows you to select the best snap from the sequence of the last couple of dozens of game screenshots, so you can be sure that at least one of the taken snaps will contain exactly the moment you wanted to capture.

Short gaming videos

GameSnap is also an application for creating and sharing short (lasting a few seconds) video recordings of gameplay. You can send such a recording to the cloud in WebM or GIF format. Using Time-shift technology GameSnap will ensure that you never miss the most interesting gaming moments, as by pressing just one key you will have the last few seconds of video, being recorded in the background, sent to the program. Moreover, the application will allow you to upload videos to the cloud either in unchanged or cut form and generate the video link which you can immediately share.

Once you have the link to your gaming video, you can also apply to it some basic video editing by using one of available filters, drawing or placing predefined elements, e.g. to mark enemies on the map. In edit mode, you will also find some useful video effects, such as reverse playback or playing video in the mirror mode.

Snaps library

Users can also easily manage their screenshots and videos. In the application there is also a library with snaps and gaming videos. In this way, you will have constant access to your archival snapshots and gaming videos, limited only by disk capacity.

For the past 5 years we have been constantly expanding our reach on the global market of gaming and screen recording, becoming one of the leaders in the field. Our products are used by millions of people all around the world. It is thanks to them that we discovered the need for fast sharing of gaming moments. Snaps sometimes show unexpected and surprising situations users encounter while gaming. The answer to this is GameSnap, both as an application and a social networking site on which gamers can share their content – says Pawel Pierog, Vice president of Mirillis. website

All gaming snaps will also be available on the website, which is to eventually become a base of screenshots and short video recordings from games. In addition to the dedicated website of the app, the users will have an option to upload their snaps to websites such as, or

The free version of the application will be downloadable in the third quarter of this year. And it’s worth the waiting!

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