Saturday, October 6, 2012

The world's first!


We've been very busy since we wrote something here, but I think it was worth waiting for new blog entry. We are proud to say that we are the world's first screen recording software that allow it users to record their Full HD 60p videos directly into mp4 format in real-time. This is a huge thing for us. Read below to find out more about this totally new feature and other stuff that happened last month.

The world’s first HD video recording into .mp4 format in real time.

As we mentioned. Action! Screen Recorder is the world's first screen recording software that allow it users to record their videos directly to .mp4 format (even Full HD 60p with Intel® Quick Sync technology) in real time. What does that mean in practice? First of all you get from 10 to 20 smaller recording file size. Lowest CPU usage while recording, that means more free computer resources for other applications. See the image below for more details. Ignore the "Coming soon". This is already happening! You can download Action! Screen Recorder 1.11.0 now and try it for 30 days free with full functionality.

Will it run on my computer?

Some of you asked us this question on our facebook page. As you can see on the image above. This feature has been designed for Inte®l Quick Sync Video, because no one else provide similar technology that would allow us to support another producers such as AMD® or NVIDIA®, but that doesn't mean it won't happen someday. Most of 2nd and 3rd generation of Intel® Core™ processor family support Intel® Quick Sync Video technology. But "Will it run?"
To check that you have to do two step check.
  • Step First. Go to Intel® Desktop Processors and choose your current processor. Then go to Graphic Specifications and see if there is a "Yes" near Inte®l Quick Sync Video.
  • Step Two. Go to Intel® Desktop Chipsets and choose your current chipset. Go to Graphic Specifications and see if there is a "Yes" near Integrated Graphics.
If you received two "Yeses" then the MP4 (Inte®l Quick Sync Video) function should be available for you. If somehow it still is not available. Check out these two tutorials:
We released 4 Action! Screen Recorder versions since last entry. Two minor and two major ones. 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.10.0 and 1.11.0. 

Action! 1.9.1

With 1.9.1 there's not much to talk about. After we released 1.9.0 we found out that we made a small mistake cancel export pop-up window. Luckily for us we noticed this bug very quickly and fixed it afterwards. Here's the full update list:
  • Improved performance of Windows 8 desktop and Windows 8 Modern UI Style applications recording
  • Important GUI improvements (fixed problem with cancel export popup window buttons)
  • Translations improvements

Action! 1.9.2

1.9.2 was a minor update but included few fixes that were bothering us for a long time. Finally we added support for graphics mod such as FXAA or TES. You were asking for this many times, now it's on. We also fixed a bug with Flash Player and Firefox browser that were causing Action! to crash. And we changed our installer to multi-language one. Full list of 1.9.2 updates below:
  • Fixed recording of games with FXAA mode installed. In example: Alan Wake, Battlefield 3, Skyrim
  • Fixed desktop region recording with region width set to 1280 and with video size set 720p (shifted video problem)
  • Fixed Flash player stability problem (Firefox browser) with Action! Screen Recorder running
  • Fixed problem with Skype stability with Action! Screen Recorder running
  • User Manuals updated
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Multi-language installer added

Action! 1.10.0

1.10.0 was all about the audio. We added few things that professionals and amateurs too should appreciate. First of all we added an option to record microphone to separate audio track. From version 1.10.0 if you tick "Record microphone to separate audio track" box you will have an .avi file with video path, system sounds audio path and microphone path. We also added settings that allow you to select microphone input audio device and system sound input audio device. Full change-log here:
  • Important fix for recording Windows 8 Modern UI Style applications
  • Added option to record microphone into separate audio track (for video recordings)
  • Added settings to select microphone input audio device
  • Added settings to select system sound input audio device
  • Fixed audio recording at 192kHz sampling frequency
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Stability improvements

Few more things about second audio path.
  1. Sony Vegas users.
    If cannot import your .avi file into Sony Vegas check if your video audio is not 5.1. SV does not accept this type of audio path. To avoid this situation untick "Allow multi-channel audio recording" for games/videos that you think they may be 5.1.
  2. Adobe Premiere users
    Somehow AP does not see our second audio path with microphone. Well a quick workaround for this is to export your second audio path from the original file. To do that you can use a free software such as Virtual Dub.

Action! 1.11.0

At this point of this entry you are probably know that 1.11.0 is a revolutionary version for us. Besides .mp4 recording we added few more options. One from the list is possibility to block Action! from monitoring selected applications. How to do that? Read the tutorial that we prepared for excluding applications. Second thing that is worth mentioning is YouTube file splitting. Many of you are verified YouTube users and were disappointed when Action! splitted your videos into parts. Now you can either decide how many parts do you want or if you don't want parts at all. Here's full change list:
  • NEW FEATURE: Direct video recording to MP4 (H.264/AVC) format using Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration technology (max FullHD 60p!)
  • NEW FEATURE: Direct video recording to MP4 (H.264/AVC) format using software encoding (max 480p)
  • Improved MP4 muxing performance
  • Maximum YouTube HD profile bitrate increased to 14Mbps
  • Added option to enable/disable file splitting when exporting to YouTube (with parts duration settings)
  • Added exclude list (possibility to block Action! Screen Recorder from monitoring selected applications) 
  • Read tutorial.
  • "Hide HUD on Action! Screen Recorder startup" option added
  • Stability improvements

Dedicated tutorial and FAQ tabs.

Currently they are only available for Action! but we are going to expand them for our other products. You can find our tutorials for Action! here and the new redefined FAQ here.

We reached 3000 fans on our Facebook page.

From here we would like to thank you for being with us.We are really grateful for having such a dedicated fans. Our community is rising and that is mostly your work. THANK YOU!

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  1. How sad, spent the night recording game play, my Action Updated and now in the morning does not work! It is unique bought and paid for! I'm really sad feeling cheated :-(