Monday, April 24, 2017

Adding custom frames and shadows to webcam videos

With Mirillis Action! Screen Recorder overlay graphics option you are able to make your videos even more entertaining! Add logo or use overlay graphic option to make your webcam video more outstanding.

First, before we start to create overlay graphics with custom frames or shadows, we need to setup webcam size and position. To setup webcam recording settings please open Action! Webcam Settings.

1. Select Webcam device in main Video recording tab. Then open Webcam settings again and use Position and Video size options to adjust webcam video size and position. Use webcam preview to see how webcam video will be placed in your final desktop or gameplay recordings. 

Make a test desktop or gameplay recording to check if you like current webcams settings. 

2. Use your favorite graphics editor and create a PNG file with frame, shadow or any other graphics you would like to add around your webcam picture. Please note that webcam picture will be added over overlay graphics.

3. Go to Action! settings and click on Overlay graphics settings. Make sure to enable Use overlay graphics option, select your PNG file as Input file and set correct overlay graphics Position.

4. Make a test desktop or gameplay recording to check if your overlay graphic is placed correctly.

TIP: Use your webcam recording test video to make sure that overlay graphics will perfectly match webcam picture. Play test video with 100% video size (press "1" in Action! Screen Recorder's player), make a screenshot and use it as a reference to create your PNG graphics.