Monday, July 16, 2012

Recording to .avi finally available!

Hello everyone,

Great things happened since last entry. The most interesting thing from the list is that we released a new Action! version 1.6.0 with recording directly to .avi format. Before the .avi there was also 1.5.0 version with .fic decoder that was a little step towards the .avi recording. But that doesn't matter anymore. From now you can record your amazing gameplays, video tutorial and everything you wan't in super HD quality in .avi format.

The short history of .fic decoder.

Before we head to 1.6.0 it's worth mentioning the 1.5.0 version which was a minor step towards the .avi recording. We were really satisfied about our own video format that you all know - .fic. but it was not supported by other applications so you always had to export your files to .mp4 format. Some of you did this correctly, some of you find difficulties while exporting your videos and wasn't fully satisfied with the exported video file. In 1.5.0 we created a .fic decoder that allowed Action! users to open .fic files in every application that uses DirectShow. After 1.5.0 release we received a lot of feedback from you. Kudos to you for that! But most of you had lots of problems with opening the .fic files in video editing software. That's was unacceptable and lead us to the .avi format. The .fic decoder dies its own natural way, but it's job will not be forgotten. 

Here's a full list of the changes in 1.5.0:

  • NEW FEATURE: FIC decoding support added for applications supporting DirectShow decoders
  • Thumbnails for FIC recordings added for Windows Explorer
  • Improved Action! application closing stability
  • Fixed problem with cut videos when exporting with audio disabled (Audio track set to "Disabled" in export settings)

Action! records now directly to .avi

So here's the Action! moon step. In 1.6.0 version we added a .avi recording. This was long awaited Action! feature that you were asked. And here it is - Action! 1.6.0 with recording directly to .avi format which can be opened in every application that support this format i.e. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere PRO, Sony Vegas and many many more. Except the container nothing has changed. Action! still records your footage in superb HD quality, CPU usage stays low as before. Action! is still Action!

Here's a full list of the changes in 1.6.0:

  • NEW FEATURE: Video recording in AVI 2.0 file format (with Mirillis FICV video compression)
  • NEW FEATURE: Editing of raw video recordings (in AVI format) is now possible in 3rd party software like:
      • Adobe After Effects
      • Adobe Premiere Pro
      • Camtasia Studio
      • Cyberlink Power Director
      • MAGIX Video Pro
      • Sony Vegas PRO
      • VirtualDub
      • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Fixed problem with cut/corrupted exported MP4 videos (low disk space protection)
  • Improved raw FICV video quality in 3rd party software
  • Fixed ultra HD resolution recordings playback in Action! player
  • Small GUI improvements

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